Kybella is a revolutionary injectable treatment that targets fat deposits beneath the chin. Providing a long-awaited alternative to liposuction or surgery, Kybella can contour your dream jawline with less risk and little downtime.

At M Spa®, we understand how well-defined facial features set the stage for your overall appearance, and we want you to love all your angles. As refined facial aesthetics become increasingly desired, our expert M Spa® practitioners are here to help you achieve a rejuvenated profile you’re proud of.

Is Kybella Right For Me?

Shying away from the camera? If you tend to gain weight on your face or you’re bothered by the appearance of a double chin and disappearing jawline, you are a great candidate for our non-surgical Kybella treatments. M Spa® patients (both women and men) appreciate that this FDA-approved procedure provides permanent results through non-invasive means.  
Kybella injections are highly effective in delivering: 

  • Reduction of submental fullness/ double chin
  • Improved jawline definition 
  • Elegant facial contouring
  • Enhanced overall facial appearance
  • Boosted self-confidence and improve your self-image 
  • Better facial balance and symmetry
  • Long-lasting results (best maintained with a healthy lifestyle)

Our Kybella treatments tout a strong “wow factor” and offer natural-looking results without the need for lengthy downtime or recovery. Schedule an appointment today at our welcoming Boca Raton clinic to explore how Kybella can help you feel incredible about your jawline.


Here’s how we work our Kybella magic for patients like you


Taking time to understand your specific concerns and goals, an M Spa® medical professional will assess your chin profile to determine if you’re a good candidate for Kybella. If so, we design an effective treatment plan for your facial structure. We’ll also determine the number of Kybella sessions you’ll need to achieve optimal results.


Worried about a painful procedure? Don’t be! We prioritize your comfort by applying a combination of gentle numbing creams and ice to the treatment area. After getting a temporary-tattoo grid map on your chin, your skilled practitioner will administer precise injections of Kybella into the targeted areas to break down and dissolve fat cells. The treatment period typically takes around 15-20 minutes.


You’ve made it! Following your Kybella treatment, you will get comprehensive aftercare instructions to help manage any discomfort and ensure a smooth healing process. While it is common to experience swelling (which means the Kybella is working) in the treatment area, this will likely peak after 24 hours, with improvement occurring within a few days

The Future Of Kybella

We’re truly excited about the precision and reliability of Kybella at our Boca Raton spa. It’s hard not to be with so many satisfied patients! The future of this treatment holds exciting possibilities in the field of aesthetic medicine. 

With continued innovation, Kybella may also expand its applications to other areas of the body, offering patients a comprehensive solution for all-over contouring needs. At M Spa®, we are dedicated to staying at the forefront of these advancements to strive to bring you the most effective treatments available.

Yes—You can absolutely achieve your desired aesthetic goals at M Spa® without the need for invasive procedures. Can we show you how? Book your first appointment today!

Kybella FAQs

Because there is no one-size-fits-all approach at our renowned medical spa, we genuinely listen to your needs and concerns before developing a personalized treatment plan tailored to YOU. But in general, most M Spa® patients require a series of Kybella treatments to achieve optimal results. You can expect a treatment plan outlining two to four sessions scheduled about five weeks apart.

The before and after images of our Kybella treatments are truly impressive. Most patients start seeing noticeable improvements within a few weeks of their first session. Please keep in mind that Kybella works by gradually destroying the targeted fat cells, and your body’s natural removal process takes time. This progressive reduction creates favorable chin and jawline definition (especially after the second treatment).

The remarkable thing about Kybella is that it permanently destroys fat cells in the treated area. And once these fat cells are eliminated, they do not return. This means follow-up treatments are typically not required. A healthy lifestyle and managing your weight will further guarantee these results are longstanding. Did you know that we offer specialty wellness services at M Spa®? Browse our offerings to support a lifestyle that supports your progress!

Our patients report that while there is some minor discomfort as the Kybella settles under your skin, they wouldn’t call it painful. The needles we use in our injections are incredibly small, so you won’t really feel them. Do let us know if you experience prolonged or more moderate discomfort. Our practitioners are happy to take a break if you need one.