Functional Wellness Solutions At M Spa

From work performance to showing up for our family, our state of wellness impacts every area of our lives. So if it’s good, it’s good! If it’s not, allow us to help. M Spa® has crafted a functional approach that blends holistic wellness with conventional medicine. By introducing the best of both worlds, evidence-based research meets alternative therapies at our destination clinic in Boca Raton.

Whether you need help balancing your hormones, managing weight, boosting overall energy, or healing your skin, we understand that true wellness goes beyond the absence of illness. When you have vitality, balance, and a sense of fulfillment in life…Everything changes. 

Our skillful specialists take the time to listen to your concerns, understand your unique needs, and develop personalized treatment plans that address the root cause of your health challenges. And we’re ready whenever you are.

Our Services

Wellness Treatments

Blood work

Blood work provides insight and solutions to many health challenges. In-house labs at M Spa® work quickly to identify imbalances, deficiencies, or sensitivities your system may (unknowingly) be struggling with. This medically directed clarity is essential in building a personalized treatment that fits beautifully with your body. Whether it's supporting hormone balance, optimizing nutrient levels, or addressing underlying inflammation, our goal is to help you feel good all over, every day.

Medical Weight Loss

(Ozempic & Wagovy) Semaglutides are medications that can help those struggling to lose stubborn weight via conventional weight-loss methods, especially when these weight challenges are linked to overeating. The Semaglutides we carry (Ozempic and Wagovy) mimic the action of GLP-1 hormones to stimulate insulin release and slow digestion to promote a feeling of fullness. With a mindful approach, Ozempic and Wagovy’s once-weekly dosing regimens offer a convenient and effective treatment to achieve weight loss.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Even a slight hormone imbalance can cause chaos in your body. Uncomfortable symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, acne, muscle aches, lost libido, and more can regularly arise to derail your day. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) offers a solution by delivering the necessary hormones directly into your body, restoring endocrine balance. It’s an effective treatment to regain energy, improve mood, and enhance mental clarity.


Peptide therapy is leading the charge in regenerative skin care with head-turning results. Join us in this new era of beauty via our specialized peptide protocols to stimulate collagen production, enhance elasticity, and promote a supple complexion. While the results are stunning, peptide therapy is a minimally invasive treatment and requires little to no downtime. It can be delivered through topical creams, serums, or even injections (depending on your goals).

IV Vitamin Therapy

When seeking a revitalizing boost, try IV Vitamin Therapy. As restorative fluids are infused directly into your bloodstream, you’ll soon unlock new levels of beauty and physical fitness. M Spa®’s exclusive IV elixirs blend a sparkling array of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, nutrients, and amino acids, empowering you into unbeatable brilliance. Whether you seek a pick-me-up after illness, an energy-restoring infusion, or a smooth blend of anti-aging benefits, our premier Boca Raton med spa invites you to indulge in our most replenishing therapy.

Ozone + UBI Therapy

A cutting-edge, combined treatment that activates healing and fortifies your immune system. The targeted administration of Ozone (O3) directly into your bloodstream neutralizes harmful pathogens while stimulating the immune system to combat illness and promote overall wellness. Meanwhile, the infusion of UV light accelerates the healing process within your body. From anti-aging effects to relief from chronic pain, discover the remarkable range of benefits Ozone + UBI Therapy provides for our patients.

Replenishing Your Health In Boca Raton

With endless sunshine and sea, Boca Raton’s tropical climate creates a paradise in South Florida. But that’s hard to enjoy if you feel sick, irritable, or depleted. Our wellness services are designed to fill your cup until you’re overflowing with vitality. Because no, we don’t believe dull skin, poor sleep, or chronic pain is just a fact of life. And we’re here to empower you with treatments that make a difference. Our training, biotechnology, and commitment to your care create the life-changing results M Spa® is known for.

Ready to boost your energy through IV Vitamin Therapy? Restore your sleep and mood through HRT? Or explore the beauty of powerful peptide protocols? It’s all available to you here, in Boca Raton.

This Is Not An Escape—It’s An Arrival

We’re not big advocates of escapism because we believe mindfulness can integrate with everything we do. Our medical spa reflects this belief by providing an atmosphere of quiet tranquility. You can relax, unwind and fully reconnect with your inner self. 

Our curative environment is carefully designed to promote presence, providing a sanctuary where you can set aside distractions and focus on the true you. And from there? It only gets better.

Your Wellness, Your Beauty

What’s more important, beauty or wellness? Trick question. The two do, and must, work together. That’s what we believe at M Spa®. How you feel is reflected on your face, in your posture and energy. And how you look contributes to your inner sense of self.

Allow us to take care of the inner and outer you for the deep definition of transformation. We understand that it’s not about changing yourself. It’s about revealing your gorgeous nature and aligning your appearance to match. Our patients describe feeling content, energized, empowered, relaxed, and renewed. What do we hope for you? All of the above.

Experience one of our medical wellness services, cosmetic treatments, or (our favorite) both. We can help you decide which pathways can help you feel and look incredible. Book your first appointment today!